Dave grhl 335 guitar
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Dave grhl 335 guitar

Are you still looking for the dave grohl 335 in the market? do you want to know the price of the dave grohl 335or not? do you worry about the quality?  are you back and forth where should you buy from?

gibson dg 335

polishing up a satin finished dave grohl 335
i have heard that many people spend some time polishing up satin finished guitars… i just got an dave grohl 335 and am considering polishing her up,, any tutorials on how this is done. also gonna add nickel pup covers.. keeping it pickguard-less though… cant imaging taking a drill to her to put screws in.. any hints would be helpful
Do you want to make it shine or just clean it up? If you want it to shine virtuoso cleaner and then virtuoso polish will clean and shine it for you…say goodbye to the satin. If you just want to clean it up a damp soft cloth or a little Gibson pump polish (or equivalent) will do.
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