Dg 335 Gibson guitar
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Dg 335 Gibson guitar

hey guys, do you still worry about where should you buy gibson dg-335 from? There is  a good news for everyone who is desirable a dg 335 gibson guitar. our custom shop gonna make it from now on, high quality, good service, reasonable price. if you want to buy gibson dg-335, please do not hesitate to contact us.~~

I will show you some details about the dg-335 gibson:


DG 335 Gibson guitar has the classic Firebird-style headstock with six-on-a-side tuners set into an ES-335 style semi-hollow body. The body of the guitar has stylish diamond f-holes and a double cutaway design. The inlays on the rosewood fretboard are acrylic split diamond which is a unique feature that remains from the original Trini Lopez model. Grohl’s taste is even expressed through the pickups which are BurstBucker 1 in the neck and BurstBucker 2 in the bridge. These pickups are within the original Patent Applied For humbucking spec, known for their ability to create clean and articulate distortion and responsible for helping to deliver the amazing tones that Grohl has become famous for while fronting the ever popular Foo Fighters.

you just need to spend hundreds dollars to buy gibson dg-335,  you just make the first move of the dg 335 gibson,  than we can make a real one for you .

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